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Online Philosophy Help Desk

just a matter of furniture…

The Online Philosophy Help Desk is the quickest and easiest way to share problems and find solutions. Active philosophy, in fact, is not about having the usual counseling session, rather it provides concrete solutions to practical problems. From unemployment, job loss, finding a place where to stay, set up an effective programme on learning languages, and many other things concerning daily life’s predicaments. This service is available to anybody at no charge and is based on personal donations. The aim is to help to reconsider life’s foundations, make choices and take action.

Practical philosophy is a street philosophy, and the counsellor and the conselee actively cooperate in finding practical solutions. The philosophical point is the common knowledge and the common goal. The counsellor is not a therapist who provides wise and deep advices. He’s a partner whose aim is to accomplish the project’s goal. Whatever the problem may be, the effort, the project, and the path to the solution are the real philosophical points at stake. Sharing cooperative activity, create common knowledge, exploring different paths, together.

It is said, but not true, that Kierkegaard said:
“To dare is to lose one’s balance momentarily, not to dare is to lose oneself”
here, the philosophical help desk talks to people who have moved a piece of furniture in their house, or bought a new sofa. Strange as it may be, the sofa starts to pull other things along. The lamp doesn’t go, the carpet is too small, the pictures have to be moved. A process of adjusting everything in search of a new balance begins. That’s it, the Help- Desk is very effective in these moments… when everything has to be adapted to the new sofa, where every object loses a little of its old meaning and acquires another one, in a new arrangement.

When in life we take a step, we have to adapt everything else, and sometimes, indeed almost always, things that used to be perfectly in place, become useless, meaningless, small, and this is good: it teaches us to downsize and re-evaluate our furniture.

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